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  1. Inductive loop detectors (ILD) consist of one or more loops of wire embedded in the pavement and connected to a control box, excited by a signal ranging in frequency from 10 KHz to 200 KHz. When a vehicle passes over or rests on the loop, the inductance of the loop is reduced showing the presence of a vehicle. 

  1. The data supplied by inductive loop detectors are vehicle passage & presence.

  1. For vehicle detection, loop data is usually relayed to a centralized control management system for analysis with a computer based loop occupancy control system.

  1. Within the past two decades, loop detector technology has become the most widely used sensor in vehicle detection systems. They are capable of measuring flow and vehicle presence.

  1. ILD’s are used to actuate traffic control devices and traffic signal lights. Today 78% of all traffic light signals installed throughout the United States use Induction Loop Detectors to sense vehicle presence at intersections to regulate the flow of vehicle traffic by triggering the lights from red to green depending where vehicles are stopped or detected.

  1. These detectors suffer from poor reliability mostly due to  improper  maintenance, road bed condition and induction loop calibration.

  1. If not installed or maintained properly most ILD’s will only sense large vehicle mass at traffic lights leaving small compact cars and motorcycles stuck at a traffic lights until a large vehicle pulls behind you to trip the “ILD” changing the light to  green or you illegally drive through the red light.

  1. This is where is the “NEEODY” becomes your best friend this device attached to your bicycle or motorcycle will create a vehicle foot print the size of an 18 wheel  semi truck.

  1. The “NEEODY” is easily installed in a couple of minutes, requires no tools, electrical connections or batteries the “NEEODY” is totally maintenance free and best of  all will trigger 75% of the traffic lights you stop at.

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